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The Geologist's Wilfley Table

"The Geo"



Designed for Remote Area Applications

This is our latest addition to the Wilfley Table Range, the "Geo". The Wilfley Laboratory Table, #13 Standard is the model used as the basis of the design.

This table has been designed after a request from Geologist Client for a specialty table for use in Various Locations in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

The brief was for a table that could be used in remote areas where electricity was non existant, fully self contained and the requirement for "delivery" of the table to various locations via Helecopter.

"Keep the weight under 500 Kg so we can use the smaller/lower cost Helecopter" was a primary consideration. The complete packed table weighs less than 350 Kg.

Our design team opted to include a number of features that would be of befenfit for such a client.

Features include

  • 25 - 70 Kg per Hour Dry Feed Capacity (Optional "Oversize" Deck with 40 - 115 Kg/Hr Capacity)
  • Adjusting Handle for Deck Tilt
  • Variable Stroke,  6 - 12mm
  • Optional Diesel or Gasoline Motor, Duel Electric and Pull Start
  • Variable Speed Drive, Thru Manual Throttle Control Lever
  • Wash Water Holding Tank (aprox 65 litre Capacity), complete with High Level Float Valve and Drain Plug
  • Johnson Bilge Pump for Feed & Wash Water Supply to Table Deck
  • Variable Flow Hoses for Feed and Wash Water Supply
  • Tool Box
  • Water & Feed Box with oversize Feed Box for Manual feed
  • Remote Area Spares Supply (Belts, Motion Box Parts, Bilge Pump, Filters, Basic Tool Kit for Motor, etc) 
  • Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals.
  • Portable Diesel (or Petrol) Storage Tank (20 Litre Capacity)
  • Table Mounted on Rugged Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Legs for Uneven Ground Applications
  • Robust Fibreglass Launder with 7 Take-Off Points and Hoses
  • 4 x Lifting Handles (one per corner)
  • Various Tie Down Points
  • Robust, Reusable Transport Crate with Padlocks and Sling Points
  • Sun/Rain Umbrella with Various Locating Points around Table
  • Square Mouth Shovel.


The Complete Table and all Accessories are Self Contained within the Table Support Frame during Normal Operations and for Shipping/Transport.

This in turn is Mounted within a Rugged Reusable, Lockable Transport Crate Clearly Indicating Sling Points, Weight, Dimensions, Owner/ Delivery Address, Handling Instructions.

The Total, Packed Weight is less than 350 Kg.

If you would like further information or have any questions, use the " Contact Us" tab above


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