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Whiting portable electric jacks

Whiting Portable Electric Train Jacks
A Whiting portable electric jacks consist of a steel base containing a worm and worm gear. Welded to the base is a massive structural steel column assembly housing an alloy steel jack screw and aluminum bronze jack nut with precision machined buttress threads. The screw is keyed to the worm gear and is supported by a large thrust bearing. The jack nut travels on the screw and supports the lifting bracket. An all-welded frame further adds strength to the column assembly and results in a portable jack with dependable load-lifting capacity throughout the working ranges.

Interlock controls

A single operator manning a portable station can control simultaneous operation of any number of jacks. Each jack is also equipped with starter and push-buttons for individual operation. Because the WHITING jack is electric powered, there are no cumbersome air hoses.

Power lifting/power lowering

The combination of a reversible electric motor with integral disc brake, plus heavy duty gearing, and a motor disc brake contributes to the outstanding driving power of the WHITING portable electric jack. Power is required for both lifting and lowering.

Specialized bracket design

WHITING jacks can be equipped with a variety of special brackets to meet the requirements of dozens of unique lifting operations.

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