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Whiting Equipment

Whiting EquipmentWhiting manufactures equipment for railroad lifting uses including: locomotive, car and body hoists; overhead cranes for sanding and maintenance shop applications, transfer tables, turntables, portable electric jacks, drop tables and car progression systems.
Whiting has over 120 years of manufacturing experience in providing dependable capital equipment for a wide variety of applications 
Portable Electric Jacks Portable Electric Jacks

Whiting portable electric jacks consist of a steel base containing a worm and worm gear. Welded to the base is a massive structural steel column assembly housing an alloy steel jackscrew and aluminum bronze jack nut. The jack nut travels on the screw and support the lifting bracket.

Turntables Turntables

Turntables are available in different sizes based upon the application. Large diameter car turntables equalize wheel wear due to prevailing track system curves by rotating the entire car 180. Turntables are also available to rotate a single truck in 90 increments. These can be either manual or motorized

Transfer Tables Transfer Tables

The transfer table is an invaluable tool for maintaining traffic flow between tracks in a car repair or maintenance shop. While transfer tables normally require a pit up to several feet deep, Whiting can supply a table not requiring any pit. This design is most unique in that it still permits normal traffic

Drop Tables Drop Tables

Drop Tables offer several advantages over other methods of servicing rail equipment...convenience being the most obvious. To remove drive wheels or trucks with a Drop Table, the locomotive is located and supported over the table top, where the trucks (or wheels) are disconnected, lowered, transferred


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