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Secondhand or Rebuilt Trackmobiles
Looking for a good quality secondhand or rebuilt Trackmobile? We are able to source your requirements thru the large international Trackmobile Dealer Network.
Recent sales include:-
Now available in Australia, 9TM Trackmobile, fully rebuilt in USA.


Fully Reconditioned Trackmobile 9 TM

Available for immediate delivery. Located in Australia


Serial Number 9536    Year built – 1975  
Engine – Detroit Diesel 453 4 Cylinder. Roots Blower – 123 hp at 2500 RPM

Max. Torque -269ft/lbs. @1200rpm
4 .00 to 1 Torque Multiplication Ratio
Tractive Effort – Max.-15,865 Kg. Min.-10,227 Kg.
Approx. Weight -11,800 Kg
Transmission – Heavy Spec. 3 Speed Forward/Reverse (Clark)
Train line Air
AAR Contour -Double Coupler -Weight Transfer
Hydraulic Controlled Steering
4-Wheel 16In. Rail Wheel Brakes
Tractive Sanders –Air Operated
23 In. Dia. Rail Wheels
9-20 Tyres Rough Service
Heavy Specification. Solid frame unit !

NOTE: This unit is very solid, no rust anywhere and has been very well maintained, serviced. Stored indoors most of its life! The previous owner only moved 6-8 wagons at a time with this unit, so it has never been abused or overworked.

This unit has just had the following work recently performed on it:- (March 2009)

        All brake components replaced/rebuilt

        New spark arrestor/Rain proof muffler system installed

        All hydraulic cylinders rebuilt or replaced – 9 total.

        2 New air compressors installed

        New engine – (In frame, rebuilt Jan /2009 ) + Rebuilt Cylinder Head Jan/2009 - O- Hours

        Complete service/Lube job

        2- New couplers

        Rebuilt all uncoupling components- cables, etc.

        4 New Tyres

        4 New Rail Wheels

        New - 2 Batteries and cable ends

        1 New traverse Cylinder kit

        Transmission serviced

        Engine Tuned

        Replaced all grease fittings throughout unit

        Re-aligned front end / Adjusted Etc.

        Repaired all body damage – bends / dings etc.
Complete professional automotive style paint job – inside and outside.

        Apply all new Trackmobile decals – safety/compliance stickers etc.

        New windows and rubber

        Applied tint to all glass

        Installed new overhead insulation

        Anti-skid on all platforms/walkways/cab floor.

        Rebuild cab heater.

        Installed 2 new cab fans.

        Rebuilt train-line air brake valves.

        Applied 2 new train line angle cocks.

        Installed 2 new train line air hoses.

        Installed 2 new train line air hose supports.

        Installed new sand pipes

        Rebuilt all sending valves

        Rebuilt air horns

        Installed new hood latches

        Rebuilt all sliding door tracks/bearings etc.

        Applied new RR striping

        Installed all new headlights (full assembly)

        New park/brake lamp assembly installed.

        Rewired complete unit.

        Tested/qualified all gauges

        Installed all new light bulbs throughout unit.

        Installed new interior overhead light assembly.

        Applied contrasting reflective colours on steps/handrails for safety.

        Installed 2 new fire extinguishers.

        New top mount strobe light.

        Repaired or replaced any other necessary parts during the refurbishment process.

        Tested complete unit.

        Clean/detail complete unit.


Price: Call for price (+61 2 4994 9191 Chris Taylor) or use the “contact us” tab above,


Price will include:-

  • Delivery to site, (In Australia)
  • 2 days training by Trackmobile qualified trainer.
  • All manuals. (Operation, Parts, Maintenance)










Use the "Contact us" tab above to send us your enquiry,

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